Helicopters Are Underrated - That Includes Radio-Controlled Ones

 Helicopters are amazing...but I can't afford one. Can you? Probably not.

 I don't how much a helicopter costs but I know that a 747 aeroplane costs about 400 million...sorry 40 million

because they had to explode one for a very important Bruce Willis movie. 

It was Die-hard or the Die-hard 2 movies. The one not starring Jessica Tandy.

 I think that movie was put out to show much a helicopter costs and how important

Bruce Willis is.

 I like the fact that helicopters can go up and down at high speeds and

 forwards backwards left and right at high speeds.

Absolutely amazing.

You can't fly the full-size ones in doors because they scare your pets

and interfere with the wifi.

Do you remeber the James Bond movie where he's in the helicopter as the pilot is electrocuted

and it turns out it was being radio control by a man who had a cat on his lap(not in a creepy lapdance way)

 which is very common in England. 

I think about 70% of the men in England right now have a cat on their laps. 

And he was stroking the cat at the same time as controlling the helicopter which is proof

that men can multitask. 

He was using the usual remote control joysticks to move James's copter left and right and wherever. It's all done with the thumbs. The joystick on the left usually

controls the vertical and the joystick on the right usually controls the left and right.

Sometimes there are other buttons that help you do flips, but not in the James Bond movies, obviously, even though they are certainly not reality.


Anyway, after the pilot is electrocuted James takes the controls from the deceased man and pushes the

dead pilot out of the helicopter and he falls down onto the streets of London, somewhere near Harrods.

James finally achieves manual control of the helicopter and he picks up the evil wheelchair man and drops him into a chimney.

I don't know what happened to that evil man's cat but it just goes to show that if you can fly a helicopter the world is your oyster.

So: in summary I'm saying radio controlled helicopters are a lot of fun. 

Most aerial vehicles are fun. 


Have you seen those people with the large scale replicas of actual jet aircraft that they fly via remote control on a large field somewhere?

 I think they almost need a proper runway because they have to takeoff the same way as a normal plane. 

I suppose they put a camera on board so they can see what is going on on these replica aeroplanes.

Make sure land these things properly because if you don't... you are doing thousands of dollars worth of damage and creating a large fiery pit in the ground.